Incorrect Language for TV Show

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Win10 pro 19042.964
Debug logs:!AruErK64olrKgvIKJsye1WLL7qrFOg?e=BLdsUJ
Description of issue: The latest episode of “The Blacklist” contains the word “Russian” in the ep title

. This is causing Sonarr to show the Language as “Russian” in the Search Results, resulting in rejection of the episode due to the Language not being accurately captured as “English” - Accessing the file link for these entries shows English as the only Audio Language.

another language bug ~#4164 PR

@jordy1955 can you paste one of those release names

also for future references please pastebin the logs; do one wants to nor will download random zips or test files.

edit not sure if it would be fixable given no one has really attempted to fix the episode title… that’s also where the actual lang can be, so it’s tough

1st time so not sure what you mean by “paste one of those release names”. Can you be a little more specific pls.

Typically, where is the language stored in a file?, it’s def not in the filename else we’d never know what it is for 90% of files. Just make that source the default and only parse the filename if that is missing. Is that not possible?

One of the names of the results… the (highlighted) are release names

copy and paste one of the names here…

The language is 100% parsed from the file name for Sonarr. If it does not exist, I believe english is assumed.

This is an extremely complicated issue to handle given if the release is foreign audio, the language is typically in a very similar or the same spot as the episode title.

Essentially in some situations for a simple example of Series.Title.S01.E02.Spanish.

Spanish can mean many different things depending on the release group. Is it the language of the release? maybe. Is it the episode name? maybe Is it just random garbage because the release group decided to ignore any standards? maybe.

There is not good way to attack this issue and so far no one has tried… this is one of those things that must be grabbed manually; import may or may not be automatic

Here is the file name as requested.


So, if i understand you correctly, the language is assumed to be English, UNLESS there is txt in the filename that suggests otherwise. That does seem to be a difficult thing to manage, although not very helpful to users, especially those looking for other languages… How do they deal with it?

You don’t lol

If there is nothing in the name to indicate the language there is literally 0 way to know the language of the file without checking mediainfo against it or watching it yourself.

And for searches, literally impossible to know.

Most release groups follow some sanity and properly label their releases indicating the language.

is it not possible to take the Series name, S/E numbers from the filename and use that info to cross check the episode name with TVDB etc then exclude that from your parsing in order to prevent this from happening? It might add a few ms to the search time but at least it would improve the results?
Just a thought… :slight_smile:

You would only need to do this for filenames which actually include a Language name so it would not be for every filename searched…

If it was that simple it would have been done…

It’s not.