Import subtitles and rename

this may be a controversial item but I was wondering if when i press wanted and enter the folder were subtitles are instead of videos
is there a way to make it import and rename them into the storage folders were the videos are. i realize some may not sync and ill have to edit them.

subtitles cannot be separately imported; only imported as part of extras if configured when videos are imported

check out bazarr for subs

I tried bazarr but it did not have filters yet so i could not set it to only certain shows. you said it can only do it at same time as it pulls the videos so i guess the simple thing is move all the videos to the subtitle folder then have the wanted import them again.
I have a lot to do. I may look at the source code and try to make it think the videos are in the folder and import them without moving everything around.

Bazarr can include / exclude series by tags

ok i may have a loot at it again. I was hoping to do it by broadcaster like sbs or mbc. I started to add tags to the korean chinese japanese series I just have so many already added it will take months. Im working on 1400 series atm i need to start removing the older ones that are in 240 360 res. I just need ways to keep from sending all 1400 series to update at once. most the completed i have set to not monitor now.

How will it takes months? You don’t need to add a tag 1 series at a time, use mass editor

the problem is tvdb when they name asian series they put show ep1.episode 1 if you try to mass rename the episode 1 is a probem. I have figured out if i use Ant renamer and rip the episode description off all the shows and the suptitles so they are all like Show ep1.avi and show it is easier to get them done. that is what i am doing to like 200 shows. then i have to try to sync the subs on some. on radar with movies its is not so bad. i just noticed that radar does not download movies if the language is not English. i made a fiter and seem to have several hundred movies stalled. lol i tweaked the filer to only get better rating and only 10 years back now i got like 100 to look for. I really glad you put those filters they help a lot with my library size.

After renaming these asian subs for a few days i do not think there is a good way your ap can do it. most of the subs i get come from other sites you cannot support atm. i guess this thread is done.