Import Not Working Properly

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs:
Description of issue: TV Show files that I download are mapped to a folder in my C drive. I want these various files to get automatically imported to various TV show folders in my F drive (root folder is F:\TV Shows). In the Library Import tab my root folder is showing F:\TV Shows. The downloaded files are not getting automatically imported. I have to manually rename each file and cut / paste into the appropriate folder. Can someone please advise? This wasn’t an issue prior to the upgrade

Even if it’s not a network share, permissions are the likely cause because the default user changed.

Is there another link that show how to how to change a service’s user account? When I click on this from the link you sent it says “Your request has been blocked”"

I followed the directions from this thread.

Hopefully this resolves the issue.

link will be fixed momentarily; thanks for letting us know!

stupid MSFT

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Issue has been resolve. I had to add the “LOCAL SERVICE" account to sonarr.console.exe and downloads folder with full control permissions. Automatic imports are now working as expected. This case can now be closed.

that’s… that’s not really the way to do it and is a security hole… proper is to change the user sonarr runs as; wiki is updated with instructions now

Can you provide the wiki link with the instructions?

Also no need to spam the same thing 3-4 times

Apologies…I didn’t mean to spam the same thing that many times. I was having connectivity issues at the time. I wasn’t sure if when I replied the message was sent. I did see the multiple messages. Unfortunately I could not delete them.

Thanks for the wiki link. I went into the services and changed the Log On to a Local System Account. I was able to verify a download and automatic import. Hopefully there’s no security issues with what I’ve done

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