Import from disk - already exists - update path


for same reason as op i am looking for this feature.
ie to be able to update the series location of an existing series from the “import from disk” interface.

series editor is no use for this task if you dont know the new paths and are relying on an import from disk scan to provide new paths after moving series between disks.

perhaps just needs a new button against “already exists” labelled “update path”, which changes the series path to this one.

thanks for considering.


series editor
tick the shows you want to relocate
in the bottom section click on change root folder and select (or add if required) the new location
click on organise for sonarr to move them or just save if youve already moved them yourself

you can add a completely new path (its the last option in the drop down) and browse from there to look around, surely you must know where the files are roughly located to be able to find their new root folder location?

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