I am brand new to Sonar, I cannot add any Indexers, they all fail


I am following the steps on a cablecutting guide and It won’t let me update sonar and also when I get to the part to add indexers it keeps failing to add them. What am I missing?


Not sure which indexers they tell you add.
But most decent indexers you need to pay for API access.
What error are you getting ?
WE need some more info.


nzbzombie.com, usenet-crawler.com, and OZnzb.com. I am learning as I go. Any advice on decent indexers?
I figured out how to get the api access on some of those,…I just didnt know what I was looking for.


I don’t know nzbzombie but oznzb is a fine place to start. You’ll learn more about which indexers are good etc as you start using usenet more.

What error are you getting in sonars when you try to add oznzb? It should say something that alludes to the error.

Im assuming you have a downloader plugged in as well?


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