How to use Custom Scripts (Encode completed downloads)


Hello All,

I’ve gotten Sonarr set up pretty much as I want it, except, I encode all downloads into my format, how would I tell Sonarr to do this on all completed downloads?

On a side note, how does it handle zipped files?

I’ve got everything turned on except complete download handling because I have a process I’d like to implement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A Custom Script in Settings: Connect (it’d run after import).

Sonarr will not recognize them.

Sonarr won’t run custom scripts after import unless it actually imports it, so you’ll want CDH enabled at some point.


Thanks for your reply. it’s pointed me in the right direction I feel.

Although I don’t see an “on import” feature, I’m assuming that it’s “on download”… which makes sense to me…

My only thing I’m confused about now is how to tell Sonar to pick up the media that was completed. Is there a place I can point it to for completed processes?


Using the API to tell Sonarr to import a download is the best way to do it.


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