How to setup for the Late Show

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I"m curious about the best way to configure Sonarr to capture shows like the Late Show on CBS. Not really a series, and I don’t want to get old, earlier shows, just want to the the current nightly show.
Right now, I’m very confused because today Sonarr shows the most recent show as S7E21 with an air date of last friday 10/8/21 (as is also shown at No future shows are listed.
However, my HDhomerun tuner in Plex shows that tonight there will be S7E11 tonight live and displays that show but designates it as S6E169! It does not appear in Sonarr.

I have the config type set to monitored “daily” but it looks like that just has to do with how the files are named. How should I set up Sonarr to capture all future shows and not bother with past ones? And why would the episodes be listed so differently and nothing listed in the future?

Sonarr v2 is EOL update to v3

None of the sites you’ve mentioned matter or have anything todo with Sonarr.

TVDB supplemented with XEM and Sonarr Services mapping is what matters.

Series Type - as covered on the wiki search troubleshooting and the FAQ - changes how a show is searched/parsed/named