How to prevent Anime Series Type from being downloaded from a specific indexer?

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I have a lot of anime in Sonarr. Recently I added eztv indexer (from jackett) for a couple of specific (non-anime) series. And now, my preferred anime releases from nyaa almost always are getting upgraded to eztv releases. I supposed it’s because eztv names its anime releases with WEB-DL, while most groups from nyaa (which I prefer) - don’t.

All of my anime titles marked as Anime Series Type, my eztv indexer settings have TV (5000) in Categories, and Anime Categories are empty. I expected that it’ll ignore anime if left empty, and it does so in Interactive Search - no results there from eztv on anime. But in the background, it still upgrades anime from that indexer. But if later I Interactive Search and grab a release from nyaa, it doesn’t upgrade later it with eztv anymore. My guess is - the issue has something to do with RSS - the release is simply gone from the feed, so it doesn’t upgrade later, and the Interactive Search doesn’t use RSS, and the RSS possibly doesn’t have Categories restrictions, unlike API? I could try disabling RSS for eztv in the indexer settings, but what’s troubling me, will there be any delays to providing content from the indexer without it? Does Automatic Search from Sonarr run on the same (15 min) schedule as RSS Sync? Or will I miss out on speed without RSS enabled, and will need to run Automatic Search manually?

I already tried setting eztv indexer priority to the lowest (50), and adding eztv to preferred words with -25 in the default profile, but that expectedly didn’t work. In theory, tagging all of the anime and completely disabling eztv keyword for that tag via profile could work, but the anime titles are the most dynamic ones for me - new titles starting being added daily every third month or so. I hoped I could use Anime Series Type similar to a tag in a profile, but it doesn’t look like it (should I try to make a feature request, or is it maybe planned?).

Is there any other way to achieve what I need, besides running a second Sonarr instance with eztv + a few series? I wouldn’t want to split the database if there’s anything else I can try.

Would appreciate any help, thanks!

Logs and examples:

The title in example is Uramichi, and from its episode history:

  • 18:16 Episode grabbed from Nyaa and sent to transmission - SubsPlease
  • 18:17 Episode downloaded successfully and picked up from download client - SubsPlease
  • 20:05 Episode grabbed from eztv jackett and sent to transmission - SUGOI
  • 20:06 Episode file deleted - SubsPlease
  • 20:06 Episode downloaded successfully and picked up from download client - SUGOI
  • 20:20 Episode grabbed from eztv jackett and sent to transmission - SUGOI (I wonder why? Transmission ignored it - I have auto-delete disabled, and it’s the last event in the episode history).

Full debug logs for the same period:

they’re coming from the rss feed

sonarr never does an auto search unless the user triggers it.\

can you do a release profile must not contain web-dl or w/e the trigger is and set the tag specifically for that show w/ the profile indexer set to ettv? I think that’d work

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Yeah, as I’ve described earlier, it’s a possible solution, but new anime titles come out every quarter, and I usually have to add up to 20 titles manually one by one during that period, or encounter them later if someone already requested it via ombi etc. It is the most popular media on my server, so I was hoping that more automatic solution could be possible, since it is a whole series type. Marking something that already has an “anime” field with an “anime” tag feels a bit weird, and if I don’t apply the tag immediately, unwanted releases will be downloaded and that would need further manual involvement too.
I thought maybe the whole situation was a bug, or I am missing something in the settings, but from what you’re saying it is indeed how RSS works here, it’s probably the fastest way to fetch new releases from the global feed, and there are no “categories” for it (would be nice if it was implied in the UI if categories don’t affect RSS at all).

Here’s how I handle my setup for anime. It makes use of a release profile as @bakerboy448 suggested. I set it up so I only get my preferred releases. It should be possible to adapt to preclude releases instead. I don’t know of any other way to achieve what you’re seeking. It has been working for me for many seasons, I only get the releases I want. I don’t get dupes or unwanted downloads or upgrades.

So, you might be able to setup something similar to achieve what you want. You may or may not need to do all of the steps. And this is contingent on eztv releases still being tagged with [eztv] in the release name.

I have a Quality Profile setup just for anime.
I have a Tag created for anime.
I have a Release Profile for anime. For mine it has Must Contain populated for the release groups that I want. Eg SubsPlease. For you, you should be able to use Must Not Contain and put eztv or as already suggested WEB-DL

(I also have a separate root folder for anime, so I can have split libraries in Plex. This step shouldn’t be necessary. I just do it so that any users that don’t care about anime don’t get flooded with it.)

With the above setup, I can add a new series to Sonarr and assign Anime quality and anime tag. And it works as intended.

And with V3, it remembers last used settings, so when you’re doing a new season load in (like I just did for Summer) you don’t even need to change anything after the first new show. Anime folder, quality and tag is already selected. Fast and easy.

With the Mass Editor it is also pretty quick to go back and change all your existing series just to ensure they don’t get updated too.

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