How to connect remotely - noob please help


Sonarr Ver.
Windows 10
IOS phone

Hello - I just recently started using Sonarr and I love it so far. However, I am struggling to figure out how to access it remotely from my phone outside of my network. I just want to do some basics, check on the status, add/delete series and possibly manual import. After some googling I only came up with how to diagnose problems, and could not find a how to.

How do you access yours? Can you send me a link/instructions?

Thanks very much in advance!


Personally reverse proxy,
You will need to forward some ports in your router.


Ideally, you’d setup a reverse proxy on your computer (such as nginx), and then forward the relevant ports from your home router to the machine running the proxy.

Every router does this in a different way, so there isn’t really anything I can add.


Thanks for the information!

I attempted to set up a reverse proxy with nginx following this guide:

I have tried to connect to my dynamic dns and my iphone gives me “safari cannot open the page because the network connection was lost” error. Any idea what might cause that error?

I am going to go back through everything tonight.

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