How to automate remove/blacklist based on rejection reason?

A frustrating, manual part of my Sonarr workflow is the menial task of logging into the “Activity” page, looking at all of the episodes in “Inbox” state (finished downloading, but not imported) and seeing that many of them are in a rejection state and definitely not usable for obvious reasons.

It’s frustrating because I know that my choice will always be “remove” with “blacklist release,” for any release whose rejection reasons were because “Sample” or rejected because “Not an upgrade for existing file” or rejected because “No video files were found in the folder.”

Is there no way that I can create automation which basically says “If rejection reason is (one of the above), remove the folder and blacklist the release?” This is driving me crazy. Thank you for any help you can provide.

FWIW, I am on a Synology NAS and my Sonarr version is totally up to date (design just changed to the new one). I was hoping the new update would contain new options to fix this problem, but no such luck as far as I can see.

not without getting into some API calls and scriptings

but that’s not the issue

see also

the issue you should be trying to determine is resolving why they’re being grabbed and then rejected in the first place.

Hi bakerboy448,

Thanks for the tip. Do you have any more specific, constructive advice for this situation? Or are you more the sort of person who derives the greatest satisfaction by “flexing” on help forum members by dropping only cryptic hints :slight_smile: Would appreciate any suggestions where, or how, you think I may have misconfigured my release capture settings that would cause unwanted releases to be grabbed. Thank you very much.