How to add Russian shows?

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Description of issue: Sonarr doesn’t find Russian shows

I want to add some Russian TV shows, enter the Russian title and Sonarr returns oll kinds of completely unrelated shows for the query.

I went through all settings with no success.

you may have to go to the source,, and make sure that each of the shows youre wanting to add exists there, and that they have both russian (to find it by that name) and english (because thats what sonarr will use) translations for their title (and episodes)

if they dont exist youll need to create an account and add them. same for the translations, youll need an account to add them. neither is overly difficult though.

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They exists there both in Russian and English.

You write that Sonarr will use English variant. Well this is also huge problem. Sonar will not find new episodes because they are released with Russian names, never with English. Also I prefer have to have descriptions ins their original (Russian) language. Can’t believe this is not possible in Sonarr.

it uses it internally (so needs english translations to be there). if you set the shows language in sonarr to russian then it will display the russian translations.

which show is it?

For example this one: TheTVDB TV #351295

you can add it via Гранд 2018 (it needs the year to find it which isnt a purely non english issue as ive seen it multiple times with english shows)

or you can add it via tvdb:351295

one thing i did notice is that they keep changing the year on the releases so its Гранд 2018, Гранд 2019, and Гранд 2020, which is potentially going to cause some issues in finding the right releases (unless theres some mapping being done in xem). and they all seem to be season packs, no individual episodes.