How sonarr handle remote path's incomplete file



I’m using sonarr since a bit now but I recently decided to use a seedbox.
I precise that my seedbox only have sftp (without ssh access, so no rsync) and webdav.

I currently try to determine the best option to handle finished download.

I tested mounting webdav and link it to remote path in sonarr. Its work but sonarr seem to freeze during the transfer time (even after, I don’t really know) and since I only have adsl, it can be a really long time.

I now try to test syncing with rclone, its working great for the retrieving part. But the issue with rclone is that it does not add extension to partially downloaded files. So during the sync I have a filename.mp4 in the right folder but with size growing slowly.
I did’nt test yet with sonarr but I assume that will lead to copying incomplete file to tv folder.

I’m sick of trying to find a good way to do it. If you tell me that sonarr check the size before importing that would save me :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have suggestion for another way to do it, I’m full open.



Yeah, that is the case.

Our recommendation is to sync content to another folder then move the files to the directory Sonarr is watching (redirected via Remote Path Mapping) so files are immediately there in their full glory.


I find another workaround thats good enough for me.
In fact I did’nt do anything, I tested like that and it worked nicely, For a simple reason I forgot, I let sonarr do hard link so even if it copy a file not completed, it’ll be soon enough.
The only downside is that sonarr don’t get the right size of file (I got file of 16MB for exemple).
On the other side, plex do the job of refreshing the file size really well.
In the end, this work really well for me.


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