How often are Ended shows checked for updates from TVDB

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Description of issue: I have a show which was marked as Ended on TVDB on 3/20/21 (incorrectly), then changed back to Continuing within a day. Sonarr continues to have it listed as Ended. I understand it doesn’t make sense to check All Series, at all times, but I’m wondering how often, if ever, this check occurs.

Same as any other show updates, every 12 hours + various caches can make it at least 48 hours I think.

This doesn’t seem accurate. 2 shows are still displaying as Ended which are continuing on TVDB. I went in and refreshed 1 show, and it immediately changed to continuing.

Ended shows are checks every 12 hours if the last known episode aired within the last 30 days, otherwise they are updated every 30 days. From the series details page you can force the refresh.

That’s perfect, thank you. Very nice logic!

I have noticed this too on three shows that set to 'continuing" on TVDB but showing up as “ended” on Sonarr. This shows are Lip Sync Battle, Locke & Key (set for a season 2 & 3 this summer), and The Morning Show. I researched each show to check of their status and all three are set to return soon. They all had delays due to Covid but they are scheduled to continue with the next season. I was reading on here about the time it looks at TVDB for statues updates and been watching Sonarr for weeks now. The status never changes to “continuing” when it was clearly showing on TVDB for the last few weeks and not “ended”.