How long does it take for TVDB changes to update on Sonarr?

I added an episode to BBC Documentaries on the TVDB this morning, about 6 hours ago. I’ve seen it mentioned in the past that due to caching, TVDB changes can take 1-2 hours to be reflected in Sonarr, but I’m still not seeing the episode I added when I update the series in Sonarr. Has the cache refresh time been increased? 6 hours seems a long time to wait for the update to come through. I have the episode downloaded but am unable to import it into my media library because Sonarr doesn’t have it in the database yet.

Which episode? The last one I see in sonarr and tvdb is 192.

A few weeks ago, tvdb caches were much longer since they had to rollback to the old site (and rebuild all caches). I’m not sure to which extend that still applies, seems unlikely.

Anyway, the exact propagation time varies. Under normal conditions it’s under 90 minutes.

192 is the one, it turned up in Sonarr a few hours after I posted yesterday. Not sure exactly how long it took as I didn’t check for a few hours in the afternoon, I think it was somewhere between 6 and 10 hours. I guess tvdb are still having issues.