How do I keep a torrent from redownloading after I have deleted it from rtorrent

When ever sonarr downloads something I will let it seed for two weeks usually and then I will delete it from rtorrent. The main problem I’m having is that on occasion after deletion another file gets released later on the torrent site and matches the criteria and it gets re downloaded since its now “missing” (due to deleting it). I have every series set to monitor future episodes but unless I constantly update the series monitoring to future episodes again… i run the risk of a redownload.

My other small problem is that things seem to stay stuck in the downloading status. (

Any insight would be appreciated.

Package Version by
Mono Version

Looks like you have some setup (paths, possibly more) and permissions issues

Please step through and first and then if you’re still having issues once you’ve made corrections, come back and we can dive in to your setup then.

Both of the issues you have mentioned should not be a problem in a correctly configured working setup.

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