How can i use my backup from V3 to V2 (moving from win10 to unraid)

Sonarr version from to
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
win10 to unraid:
Description of issue:

Hi all,

I am now moving from windows 10 to unraid so I need to move my current config but the issue is my sonarr on windows 10 is V3 ( and the version on unraid is V2 (binhex version), so is there a way to move my backup whither downgrade sonarr on windows or upgrade the one on Unraid which I couldn’t do for the both way!

to explain my issue furthermore, the backup from V3 came with different name and files, I tried to replace sonarr.db with nzbdrone.db on unraid and config file but it’s not working.

I hope I explained my issue correctly.

Thank you.

You can’t downgrade nor switch OSes and use the same DB, you’ll need to rebuild from scratch.

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thank you for the clarification.

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