How can I delay imports on both sonarr and radarr?

Sonarr on windows,, but the following question applies to both sonarr and radarr.
How can I get sonarr and radarr to delay imports?
The reason I need this is because my VPN which I use when downloading torrents is quite unstable when downloading, since I have my libraries as an rclone mount, the connection dropping causes upload errors during import, making me have to reupload, so I was wondering if there was a way to delay imports until I am on a specific wifi adapter, or until I tell it to upload, or alternatively what is a way I can reupload without having to redownload the file?

Since sonarr “talks” to your download client to see if there’s anything ready to import, and that job runs every minute, I’d say “no, not out of the box” on the delay question.

This might be a legitimate use of the UsenetBlackhole/TorrentBlackhole download “clients”, where you can tell the actual client to put files in a “holding area”, not the watch folder configured in sonarr. Whenever you want, move* files into the watch folder. Sonarr will pick them up after a minute and start’s processing them.
Still a manual process though.

An alternative is to use a proper download client with a post-processing script in the client that does nothing, other than keep the job “busy” until you tell it not to. Sonarr will see the download client is still busy doing “something” with the download, and will wait until the download client reports it’s done.

Postprocessing script in your download client could be something like this:

  • check if “ok.txt” exists in the job folder
  • if it doesn’t exist, wait a minute or so and check again (keeping the job busy so sonarr will hold off on importing it)
  • if it exists, exit the script (finishing the job, so sonarr will pick it up)

You’d still have to manually put the ok.txt (or whatever you want to call it) in the folder.

*move: this should be on the same volume so the move is instant. Otherwise the filesystem may still be copying/moving things over and sonarr already starts processing files, so you end up with partial/corrupt files.

How would I setup torrentblackhole?
Edit: Also would just having my download folder not be my watch folder and moving manually work?