HEVC/H265 and preferred words

Could someone share their setup for preferring HEVC/H265? I’ve gone through some various iterations, and various I’ve had problems (sometimes I’ve worked around):

a) actual audio properties is a problem (torrents unfortunately often don’t label their audio properties and surround is a must for me)
b) there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop preferring, so sometimes I continue to get downloads on stuff that I really don’t want to keep trying for, and it’s already hit the cutoff.

Really what I want is:if there’s a HEVC/H265 WITH surround but if not, then H264 with surround, and if all that fails then I guess stereo.

What are you guys doing? I feel like I’m treading water here and I probably don’t have the ideal config.


set the hevc text to +10 and the audio text to +100 so that audio is prioritised?

it should upgrade in this order

  • 264 stereo
  • 265 stereo
  • 264 surround
  • 265 surround

i have this (image below) as i want 265 over 264 and i prefer minx releases if possible, but this way a minx release in 264 wont override a non minx release in 265, and a minx 265 will override a non minx 265


basically scale your preferred word values by a factor of 10 for each level and so long as you dont match more than 10 of each level on a single release you should be ok

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I also give a priority boost to x265.

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