Help with Release Profiles

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows

I need some help to ensure my Release Profiles are setup properly because it is difficult to know if they aren’t working based upon my configuration or release availability.

About a year ago I setup a RP to exclude releases with “.DV.” in the name because my client doesn’t like Dolby Vision. That seems to have worked well, inasmuch that I don’t seem to have a problem with any releases in DV since that time.

Now I’m at a point where my crappy TCL Roku 4K HDR TV can’t really display HDR. The DV releases show with messed up colors - which is why I excluded them. But even HDR 10+ that my TV supports has problems with color and brightness. I would much rather have SDR releases.
(My model has no way to disable HDR and you can’t disable HDR streams on NF or Amazon, etc…so basically I’m forced to watch HDR content in HDR which the TV sucks at displaying).

So what I was trying to do was to:

  • Prefer files with SDR in the name to any others.
  • Short of that, just exclude anything with HDR. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone tags with HDR, which is why I would prefer those which specifically say SDR in the title.
  • Also, and this may be problematic, but I would still prefer 4K/2160 releases if I can get in SDR.

So, to summarize:
Prefer 2160 unless the only releases are HDR, if so, grab 1080p instead

I created two more RP, one that says must not contain “HDR”. I think that is a bit extreme, as I guess I wouldn’t mind having HDR if nothing else available, but I can’t believe I won’t find in 1080p.

I only created this one after creating an RP that says preferred “SDR” with a score of 1000 (I’m not really sure how the scores work, but since it is my only profile with a score, I’d assume it would win out).

Am I going about this wrong? For one, I’m not sure if having 3 RPs works fine in terms of combining all the criteria or if I need to create one comprehensive RP.

I’m open to any suggestions on the best way to configure what I need.


See also the wiki

Thanks but neither really answers my questions. The Wiki is way too broad and the Trash Guides give a configuration, but not much explanation.

I need to understand if having multiple RP they all work in tandem, or if they have any preference over one another. For instance, if one RP matches (say on a “must have”) would it still continue onto another RP that might have additional info.

Also, it isn’t clear how the RP work in combination with quality. For instance, say I wanted to ensure that all my 4K files had “SDR” in the file name, but that I didn’t require that in my 1080p files. If I create a RP that says “must have” SDR, wouldn’t that prohibit any 1080p file that didn’t have SDR from also being grabbed?

Release profiles all work in unison (accounting for any indexer settings or tags for profiles not being applied)

preferred word scores add up, so for every match you get whatever value you set, add them all up and thats the score. if sonarr sees another file with a higher score in the rss feeds than what the current file has then it will grab that new file - and it will keep grabbing higher scored files than what you already have

a must or must not contain profile are fine being separate but you should probably keep your preferred words (that you want to apply to everything) all in one profile. im not sure how those work when you have multiple profiles (they are probably additive but i dont know for sure)

quality is a higher preference than preferred words, in that if you had sdr as a preferred word and 4k + 2k + 1k as your wanted qualities, sonarr would grab a 4k hdr over a 2k sdr. essentially preferred words only upgrade within the same quality - if its a higher quality it will be grabbed regardless.

what you want, in regards to preferred words over quality, isnt possible