Help - Sonarr HEVC/x265 upgrade TV Shows


I’m looking for some help on how to setup Sonarr correctly for my needs.

I recently imported all my TV shows into Sonarr Version These are all various qualities from SD up-to 1080p HEVC 10bit.

I have set my naming structure for file and folders as:

{Series TitleYear} \ Season {season:00} \ S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} - {[QUALITY FULL]}{[MEDIAINFO VIDEOCODEC]}[{MediaInfo VideoBitDepth}bit]{[MEDIAINFO AUDIOCODEC}{ MEDIAINFO AUDIOCHANNELS]}{-RELEASE GROUP}

S01E01 - Episode Title (1) - [HDTV-720P PROPER][X264][8bit][DTS 5.1]-RLSGRP

All media names have been updated as above.

Profile is HD - 720p/1080p - Cutoff is 1080p Bluray

So, I would like for the TV shows to be upgraded to HD - 720p/1080p HEVC/X265 10bit with surround sound , I know most release are like that, but some groups may release 1080p with 2 channel audio, which I don’t want, unless that’s all that’s available.

Also since some of the TV shows are old, I know that HEVC/X265 might not be available, so those need to upgrade to whatever better quality can be found, with any source/ format. For all new episodes it should be HD - 720p/1080p HEVC/X265 10bit with surround sound.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?


720 vs 1080 is a quality profile with the qualities in the order/grouping you want them.

eg this is my simplistic 720p profile that will at least download something

x265, 10bit, and surround sound, would be preferred words in a release profile but you need to work out which ones are more important to you so that you can assign appropriate values to them

i can be simpler to write out all the combinations,then order them in the way you want them, then define values to each term to make it work like that.

this is what i have to make sure all my shows are upgraded to x265 (if possible).

you could add another term for “10bit” with a value of 50 to ensure that 10bit files have a higher score than any hevc file. if audio is more important then you could add “surround” with a value of +100 that way surround files will always have a higher score than any hevc file. if its the other way around then use 100 for the hevc values and 10 for the surround values

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If you can’t find what you want in HEVC already, what I do is download a larger version in x264 and transcode using this: which makes it easy to set preset matching rules and quality settings.

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