Help searching for Coronation Street (Not quite daily, but also not standard)

How can I configure Sonarr to search for Coronation Street?
Sonarr can find the show on TVDB, get the entire list of episodes, but unfortunately, because the show isn’t done as multiple series, and isn’t a daily show, the episodes aren’t found despite being on RARBG.
The show is listed as Coronation Street 6th May 2022 1 hour 1080p (Deep61)[TGx] online, so a simple search for Coronation Street [date] [month] [year] would work.
Instead the search is structured as Coronation Street : 2022-04-18] which doesn’t work.
When I looked on the Scene Naming sheet, a response of “Not a naming issue. Date based releases with multiple parts are not supported” but I don’t believe this show is a date based release with multiple parts.

Can I edit Sonarr to search differently at all?

Thank you

To add: It seems that the issue about it being a date based release with multiple parts refers to when the show used to be uploaded as 2 parts, but it is now 1 combined, unsplit, episode.

That naming schema is not supported

Would it be possible to have this as an option?
To allow for more modifiable search queries

Searching is only part of the issue, the other is parsing it and that format isn’t something we’re planning to support for parsing.