Help naming scheme changed and US not detected as english language

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Synology


Where i get some files the naming has changed for exemple :
[team name] Name - 00 [quality][Multiple Subtitle] [US][BR][MX][ES][SA][FR][DE][IT][RU]]
the list of subtile is now a country code and because of that US is not detected as english (most of the time whatever the list of countries is french is detected)
How can i configure language to detect US like it’s EN language if possible ?
If not what a strange decision they made

Thanks in advance.

US has never been detected as English nor is it the valid indicator for English.

By default if there’s no language indicated sonarr assume english

What specific problem with sonarr is the invalid subtitles tag of [US] causing?

I’m supposed to grab files with English language but in this case English is not detected because they use countries codes instead of languages in the filenames and they can be the same for specific countries (fr, it for examples)
I more or less fixed my problem with a workaround.
I added a specific tag for series i want to grab from this team.
Them i added a specific Language profile with most of them checked to download the file whatever the language detected.
I noticed that in this scenario where there is multiple possible language code in the filename only one is used and I’m not sure of the rule to select it.
Ether way my combination of tag and language profile seems it will do the trick in this specific case (but it’s because US or english is so far always part of those multiple subtitle releases)

[team name] Name - 00 [quality][Multiple Subtitle] [US][BR][MX][ES][SA][FR][DE][IT][RU]]

is french (?<french>(?:\W|_)(?:FR|VF|VF2|VFF|VFQ|TRUEFRENCH)(?:\W|_))