Help integrating a serie



I would need some help to add a serie to sonarr.
Its a french serie named “Plus belle la vie”.

Firstly the show didnt exist. I have sucessfully managed to add via adding an english title to tvdb “Modt beautiful life”.

Then the search was wrong and I requested a custom scene mapping for the french name.

But now I have problem with the episodes.
The episode are absolute and its a daily serie.

The scene name is “PLUS BELLE LA VIE - S14E3530 FRENCH WEBRIP H.264 AAC (04.05.2018)”

Sonarr is looking for S14E155
And the daily mode is not working either maybe because of the french date format ?

Can someone help me to fix this up? What should I do ?
Is this a sonarr issue ?
Ask on forum a tvdb configuration for absolute episode and anime mode in sonarr ?
Request for a scene name change ?

Thanks for the help it has been several weeks I m trying to do that.


Not even a single lead or idea ??? :frowning:


If the episode numbers are absolute, but span multiple seasons either the numbering on TheTVDB will need to match or possibly an alias on would work.


Thanks for the answer.

Is there a possibility to auto add absolute number for every episodes on tvdb ? There are over 3 000 episodes…

What do you mean by an alias on ? How do I do that ?


I’m not aware of a way to automate adding them, but that wouldn’t help here, since you’d actually need to edit the episode number in each season. I’m not sure if the mods on The TVDB have a way to help there.

I think how Running Man is setup is the closest to what would work right now:

Sorry, I meant a mapping, which would map the numbering on TheTVDB to how the episodes are released, this is probably the better option, since it keeps TheTVDB’s numbering consistent and unlikely to change.

Probably best to reach out to them on IRC and see if it’s feasible to add.


Hello, did the mapping.
But I’m still having trouble with sonarr now.

Some episode are working, but some are not.
I found 2 reason :

  • The date is in french format (dd.MM.yyyy)
  • The parser fail

Here you will found the logs


Made some improvements to the parsing that should help (they’ll be in a future release), but your first link expired so I’m not sure what was in it.


Updated the first pastbin link :

What about the 2nd ?


They should be fine.

Anything in the format: Plus belle la vie - S14E3533 FRENCH WEBRIP H.264 AAC (09.05.2018) should be handled in an upcoming release.


Saw your commit on github with the new parser test.
There is 2 airdate parsing (yyyy.MM.dd) and (MM.dd.yyyy).
But would it work (and not crash) with the french format (dd.MM.yyyy)

Example :
Could you test “Plus belle la vie - S14E3535 H.264 AAC (11.05.2018)” ?


11.05.2018 will be fine. The date itself doesn’t really matter, since it’ll be ignored.

That one is fine, if there are ones that cause issues in the future we can look into them then.


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