Help Configure My DL Folders

Sonarr version (exact version): Sonarr Ver.
OS: Unraid v6.7.0

Hey folks … so i’ve got sonnarr up and running and using both Deluge and SABnzbd. Everything works pretty darn well - but I’d like to tweak something and I can’t figure out what settings to tweak to get things right.

Currently, I have a Downloads share and within that share are a completed and incomplete folder. I’ve got both deluge and sab using both of those reliably. However, sab is setup to categorize things so my audio files go into downloads/complete/audio/, my tv into downloads/complete/tv/folder name of dl content>, etc… etc…
however, when a torrent gets finished it ends up in downloads/complete/.

Is it possible to have deluge dump content into the respective subfolders underneath complete OR can i simply just add a downloads/complete/torrents/ folder? In either case, i would still want sonarr to do what it does now which is to move the content from my DL folder to my Plex folders.

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