Guid for sonarr truenas?

Hi all,

I recently installed truenas and am now searching on haw to implement sonarr.

I installed the plug within truenas, created a user with the correct UiD, added them to the group Media.
Then I made Media the owner of the dataset media with sub datasets downloads,movies,series.

In sonarr, I can’t select the root folder. I click okay but nothing changes. gives me the error that the directory is not writeable for sonarr. I’ve even set the permissions for sonarr with chmod 770 for Media

source: /mnt/tank1/media
–> destination: /mnt/ssd/iocage/jails/sonarr/root/mnt/media

truenas/bsd is extremely niche and always causes little nuanced problems

it’s not not supported, but you’re effectively on your own for help as very few use it.

it’s good for a storage not as an automation OS, you’re better off tossing a ubuntu vm on it and running the apps in that if you must stick with truenas… or drop truenas and switch to prettymuch anything else

if you mean settings -> media management -> root folders you should only have /media as path.