GET Error - 403 Forbidden

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OS: Windows 10 Enterprise LTC
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Unable to GET torrent from private tracker - 403 Forbidden error

I have added my RSS directly too uTorrent and it doesnt show any errors, downloads just fine. I tried the same in the uTorrent web-ui with a direct link to the Torrent file and it also worked.

I have reset my TorrentLeech RSS key several times incase that would be the issue, but it gives me the same 403 Forbidden error.

From the looks of things its that Sonarr User-Agent is blocked from TorrentLeech all of a sudden.

Im having the same issue, over the last few days…
How if at all did you get around it…
atm i having to manually download/upload the files

One other thing, why doesnt sonarr allow https connectivity to the torrentleech rss?

TorrentLeech have re-blocked Sonarr because some people were requesting 1000s of times apparently. Untill further notice it will continued to be blocked. Look at TL forum for more info.

Is there anyway in Sonarr or maybe a feature that can be added that you can set time intervals to check RSS say once every 10mins etc?

That is core sonarr functionality since forever :slight_smile:
You do need to set a sensible default though, because the RSS sync interval applies to all indexers in sonarr.

Does anyone have a nice workaround for this?

Some people have setup autodl that pushes releases to sonarr, other are using Jackett. Jackett will most likley get blocked aswell.

Personally I setup uTorrent RSS Downloader.

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