Friendlier Mobile UI for Select Series Option

I am loving the new Sonarr v4 beta, Kudos to the devs for the awesome work!
I really dig those custom format that could be binded separately for each quality definition. Imho with the inclusion of these features, I can ditch second instances. Less ram usage and fiddling and updating separate instances :slight_smile: make my sbox neighbor slightly happier.
I mean, it is now fairly easy to change quality profile and root folders by “Select Series” (aka Movie Editor in Radarr) and then change the options from the bottom toolbar.

This works awesome in Desktop environment, but if I were to do it in mobile Chrome/browser, it would be painful to scroll all the way to the bottom. You can use Desktop Mode, sure but then it become so tiny haha. And sadly you can only change quality profile and root folder from the “Select Series”, because if you went to individual series page and “Edit”, you will have to choose the “path” manually again, not taking advantage of root folder option.

I wished it were easier to access the Edit button (in Series Editor) without having to resort to Desktop mode. Now I know, the navbar on top are cluttered already but just maybe we can fit an “Edit” button that appear when a series/multiple series is chosen by user?

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