Freespace incorrectly reported by Sonarr

Sonarr version:
Mono version:
MacOS:13.0.1 (22A400)


Sonarr intermittently incorrectly reports available free space, resulting in “|Warn|FreeSpaceSpecification|Not enough free space (772288512) to import:/Users/user_name/downloads/complete/TV/”

Sonarr reporting 1.1GB available for root folder /Volumes/Seagate Portable Drive/TV

However, df -h reporting

//paul@192.X.X.X/Seagate%20Portable%20Drive 4.5Ti 560Gi 4.0Ti 13% 587534362 4296103904 12% /Volumes/Seagate Portable Drive

(4.0TB free).

Radarr correctly reports 4TB free.

I found a couple of (old) Reddit posts that report a similar issue, but no solutions. Would be great if anyone can provide any pointers. TY!

Typically permissions related