Folder scan case sensitive?

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Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker in synology DSM
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When trying to scan my “Dark” folder, it doesn’t recognize episodes as it is looking for DARK in uppercase. (logs says “Series folder does not exist, skipping metadata creation”).

If I rename Dark to DARK, it works properly. Do I have to deal with case sensitiveness for each tv show ?

Thanks for your feedback

In your case paths are case sensitive. Either change the path Sonarr is using for the series or fix the folder name on disk. You’ll need to do that wherever it doesn’t match.

Well thanks for the tip but what do you mean by “In my case”. What does it depends on ? Can I make it non case sensitive ?

Which OS you have Sonarr running on, unless you’re running on Windows most file systems are case sensitive and Sonarr treats them as such.

Yes I’m on docker for Synology on my NAS, so that’s the explanation, thanks

no, but you can set a particular case format of your choosing for the series, season, and episodes, to be saved/renamed as, under settings > media management.

i have mine set to all lowercase to make things easier for myself

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