Folder is not writable by user abc on mounted HD


I’m using last versions of Sonarr and mono and I can’t access to my mounted hard drive which is located in /media/name_choosed/

When I try this path, Sonarr tell me that it doesn’t exist but Radarr uses it as well

And if I want to go to /media/, I get “Folder is not writable by user abc”

Can you help me please ?

Please include all the information requested when opening help threads, including version numbers and where Sonarr is running.

It sounds like you’re running under docker, but just guessing based on the message. Permissions are the likely cause, perhaps GID and UID have not been set properly or the permissions on disk for series differ from movies.

Thanks, how can I check if it’s properly configured ?

Compare it to Radarr, beyond that we’re flying blind.

That’s I have already done, I mean how can I check the UID and GID ?

What do you mean by checking it?

Again, you haven’t provided the requested information nor confirmed you’re actually using docker and which image you’re using.

its part of the container config/setup - so you need to check wherever it was you created them - presuming youre even using docker - you havent exactly given enough information to know for sure, the user abc is typical for docker but you could have just replaced an actual username with abc for privacy reasons

how about providing all the basic information so people can help properly? OS, sonarr versions, do you use docker, what image are you using, etc, etc


So I am on :

  • OS : Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS
  • Sonarr : running on /home/sonarr/
  • Image : linuxserver/sonarr:latest
  • Docker : 19.03.5
  • UID : 1001
  • GID : 1001

The log :

20-1-31 16:23:31.4|Warn|NzbDroneErrorPipeline|Invalid request Validation failed: 
 -- Folder is not writable by user abc
ps -aux | grep mono
root      1826  0.7  5.0 1799612 196512 ?      Ssl  janv.29  21:49 /usr/bin/mono /opt/Radarr/Radarr.exe -nobrowser
sonarr   18179  1.7  4.2 1297596 165300 ?      Ssl  16:18   0:13 mono --debug NzbDrone.exe -nobrowser -data=/config
sonarr   18979  0.0  0.0  21532  1012 pts/0    S+   16:30   0:00 grep --color=auto mono
id sonarr
uid=1001(sonarr) gid=1001(sonarr) groupes=1001(sonarr),128(debian-transmission),129(docker)

ok, so what volume mappings do you have in the sonarr container config?

you need to check that the sonarr user/group has full (or at least write) permissions to those locations (on the host side) - and that they are set to inherit so that access is granted to all subfolders as well