Folder Conflict Resolution

As some shows have the same name or title, there should be some form of conflict resolution so that both shows are not associated to the same folder. I propose that a feature is added for conflict resolution. For instance, if two or more shows are added to Sonarr with the same name then those series’ folders will be subjected to rules for conflict resolution and any files in the existing folder are then moved to the new, appropriate folder.

In my case, I use {Series} to name the folder of the series when adding a new series (to keep my series named cleanly), but if there is a conflict between 2 or more shows I’d like them to be named using {Series TitleYear} so that the year is added to the conflicting series’ folder names.

The TVDB does not allow multiple series to have the same title, instances where there are duplicate titles should be fixed there and make their way to Sonarr.

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