Fine tuning the Quality sliders

I’d like to know if there is any way to fine tune the quality sliders any better? Under Indexers I have 400 megs set for max, all profiles except for 720p have been removed. NOw Ijust need to be able to set the sliders to my liking. Example for 45 minutes 200 minimum and 400 max, but to get 192 minimum I have to settle for 791.5 max for 45 minutes instead of 400. I really would like to know if there is any way to fine tune the Quality? Thanks

this is in v3, not sure how it works in v2 any more
click once on a min or max circle and use the left/right arrows to adjust it

or, click on show advanced to see the actual value inputs

2.5 and 12.5 is the closes I can get the sliders using the advanced options. There is no way to set min for 200 megs and have mx at 400 or set max at 400 and gave min at 200.

i see what you mean, there appears to be a hard coded value of 10MB/min between min and max so you cant get max any lower than that

not sure why thats in there but perhaps someone else knows and can explain

Do releases that small still exist? Sounds like pretty much potatocam quality from around 1995 to me…

200 megs for a 45 minute show looks fantastic on a 65 inch 4k TV because of the transcoding. It’s not unreasonable to want to have the settings to our liking.

is that even relevant? galaxytv group do a pretty low sized but still decent 264 (although its typically 300-400mb), but theres plenty of 265 codec series around (at 200mb for 45 min 720p) if you want to be pedantic but the options are there so the question still remains;

does it seem reasonable to enforce a 10MB/min difference between min and max values?

why give people the option to specify sizes and then remove a chunk of that ability?

Don’t bother I simply ignore the ASININE part of his comment. As for TorrentGalaxy the 42 to 45 minute runtime show are normally between 250 to 400.

More than fair question.

Looks like I need make this a feature request to get something that’s obviously broken fixed.

No, you don’t need to make yet another thread (I’ve remove it since it’s unnecessary noise).

There will still be a minimum spacing between the two, but it will be changed to 1 instead of 10 in a future release.

First it is not unnecessary noise and you damn well know it. Second glad to hear that there will be a change for the better.

It was just a pointer to this thread, the only difference was a green line instead of a blue one, it didn’t add value to the discussion here and wasn’t why I replied.