Filtering episodes search with specific keywords?

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OS: macOS Big Sur
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I created an indexer restriction, with Must Contain 720p alpha web and Tag alpha. I tagged the series with alpha tag, but when I perform an automatic search, the episode does not contain the alpha keywords, as expected. How do I make sure the searched episodes always contain the 3 keywords mentioned above?

“Must contain” should be read as “must contain one of these”, if I recall correctly.

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i dont think you can. the preferred words are for accepting a release, not searching for them. probably because sonarr is written around processing RSS feeds, not searching.

ie youll always get everything when you search, but if the entry contains a “must not contain” word then it will have the red circle exclamation icon to indicate you shouldnt download it, and mousing over that icon will tell you it contains those “must not contain” words

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Thank you for reply. What approach should I use in order to download only the alpha release? I don’t mind is a manual process check, my goal is to be consistent with a specific release, for all episodes.

Also, is there a way to filter the manual search for a specific quality, not all?

With regards to “must contain all of these 3 keywords”, wouldn’t it work if you create 3 restriction profiles with a tag each, and add the 3 tags to your series? On mobile now so it’s a bit of a hassle to try myself.

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Will test this when I get home from work.

maybe make it a MUST contain for the alpha, and limit the quality to 720 web and/or web-dl?

not tham im aware of. its the same logic as the preferred words/must/must not only being a filter for accepting a release, not searching on it.

the results window is sorted by quality/preferred words score though, so perhaps making it (alpha) a preferred word so that it gets sorted to the top of the list would be helpful?

it cant hurt to have apply both a restriction (so it only downloads that uploader group) and a preferred word (so it sorts first) that is the same word (ie alpha in your case) - just apply both tags to that series.

Adding a specific tag for each keyword fixed the issue.