Filter for encoding (as it is done for resolution)

HVEC h265 files sizes are AT LEAST 50% smaller!
It would be nice if one could choose HD and h265.x releases only.

You can. Use a Release Profile in conjunction with a Quality Profile.

And how do you do that? (i’m new, like yesterday new to sonarr so forgive my ignorance) I only get Language Profile and Quality Profile, can’t find Release Profile

Thanks! :wink:

Usually HVEC h.265 releases take longer to be available than h.264, can i make it so that it downloads the first 1080p release that it finds, but then replaces it with the h.265 version?

It’s in Settings > Profiles.

It is outlined in the Wiki, which also references Trash Guides for a working example. However, your use case is much simpler and can just be must contain h265 x265

No, I don’t believe that is possible. As I understand it, the upgrade function only triggers based on the Quality Profile.

EDIT: Turns out I did not understand correctly. Use Preferred and apparently it will upgrade the same quality based on your preferred score. See About Release Profiles

I checked out the wiki, and found examples on how to fill up the release profile form in settings but, i don’t know if it applies to all series or can i configure each one to use its own release profile?


Release profiles will apply to series at least one matching tag. Leave blank to apply to all series

Thanks for your patience @fanboy! So I should fill up a new feature request so that the upgrade function triggers also based on release profile, and i think also, that a release profile drop down should appear when adding/editing a series, so there is no need for tags (just as language and quality profiles are)
What do you think?

Create this release profile. minx is my preference but not required for you. Make sure the indexer is set to “any” and it should grab the x265 after the fact. but it won’t change the resolution, so if you get 1080p x264 it won’t think 720 x265 is better. took me a long time to get it right. make sure there is nothing under must contain. works most of the time for me.

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I use /\b([xh].?265|hevc)\b/i personally.

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thank you so much @jackmeat and @Thirrian!
I’ll give it a go, hope it works :crossed_fingers:

it works! :joy:

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