Files Synced from rutorrent Seedbox Imported, but not Deleted

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OS: Windows 10 x64
Description of issue:
Hey Guys - I switched over from a local client to a Seedbox a couple of months ago which uses rutorrent to download then Syncthing to download the files locally. All works great in Sonarr except for one thing. Once a file is synced locally, Sonarr sees and seemingly imports it automatically, however; unlike before the original file (in local Syncthing folder) does not delete.

I know its not a permissions issue as performing an interactive import deletes the file as it should during import.

I looked through logs, but only see where it tries to import before Syncthing has brought it 100% local therefore fails (but later tries again.) Any idea what the issue may be? Here are a couple more settings I have which may make a difference:

  • Remote Path Mappings is set to match rutorrent path to local Syncthing path - know its correct since it imports them automatically plus can verify the path it searches in logs
  • If it makes a difference, the local path is a UNC path (Same one I use to interactive import which works so doubt its related)
  • Use Hardlinks instead of Copy is disabled, but have tried it set both ways
  • The issue occurs for episodes which are seeding as well as Finished in rutorrent


Sonarr doesn’t really know that the file is a copy, not the actual source file so it imports it and leaves the source as-is. Your best bet right now is to use a custom script to delete the source file after the import.

Thanks for the reply…

For all intents and purposes, it is the original source file and am wanting it to be treated as such. Don’t mind writing a script, but how come Sonarr automatically deletes when imported via Interactive but not when Automatic?

Thank You

A manual import from where?

Wanted: Missing will do whatever you tell it to, from queue will do the same as an automated import.

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