Files not being moved after completed download

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: 16.04.6
Debug logs: (can be rovided if needed)
Description of issue:


Currently running the latest Sonarr on Ubuntu 16.04.6. Download server is running Server 2012 with the latest qBittorrent and file server is running Server 2016.

The issue is that sometime in the past few months (I’m not sure exactly when) Sonarr stopped copying the downloaded files over and then automagically removing the files from qBittorrent.

Please let me know what additional information anyone may need to help troubleshoot this. I’ve checked the mounted drives as well as the remote paths (these haven’t changed). For the host I’m using the FQDN for each server. Under “Importing” I’ve disabled hardlinks.

The files in question are the actual media files and not compressed files.


Hi, try downgrading Mono to v5 (latest v5 should be fine)
I had a similar problem which turned out to be Mono 6 throwing an exception when writing files to an exFat drive. I downgraded and everything was perfect.

How do I downgrade?

Windows host is on NTFS

is wanting to downgrade from 5.20, but 5.20 is what I’d recommend now.

If NFS is available you can try that as well, in older versions it’s worked better than SMB when Sonarr is running under mono, though I’m not sure how it plays with mono’s changes in 6+.

I found a set of directions and got myself down to

Edit; But it doesn’t seem to be working to automagically move/rename the files like it once did.

So I was able to downgrade but the files don’t move like they used to. Any other things to check?

What do the debug logs show for imports?
What does Activity: Queue show? (hover over the icon on the left)

Which logs am I looking for under what tab? The files section and then the latest file?

A majority of my files show as downloaded.


And what reason do they say for not being imported? Again, hover over the icon on the left of each item.

I had problem of files not being put away and found it was that i had used upper case letters in some of the paths and lower in other. If you make all the folders lower case it works good.

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