Files in Season Not Detected

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Debian 10
Debug logs:
20-9-12 18:13:40.4|Info|Database|Vacuuming Log database
20-9-12 18:13:40.4|Info|Database|Log database compressed
20-9-12 18:13:59.1|Info|SceneMappingService|Updating Scene mappings
20-9-12 18:14:00.7|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Updating Info for Showname
20-9-12 18:14:00.8|Info|RefreshEpisodeService|Starting episode info refresh for: [73062][Showname]
20-9-12 18:14:00.9|Info|RefreshEpisodeService|Finished episode refresh for series: [73062][Showname].
20-9-12 18:14:00.9|Info|DiskScanService|Scanning disk for Showname
20-9-12 18:14:05.6|Info|DiskScanService|Completed scanning disk for Showname
20-9-12 18:14:05.7|Info|ExistingMetadataImporter|Found 0 existing metadata files
20-9-12 18:14:05.8|Info|ExistingSubtitleImporter|Found 0 existing subtitle files
20-9-12 18:14:05.8|Info|ExistingOtherExtraImporter|Found 0 existing other extra files
20-9-12 18:14:05.8|Info|ExistingExtraFileService|Found 0 extra files

Description of issue: Sonarr is not detecting episodes from specific Season. In this series, it is detecting the files for Season 1&6 but not 2-5. My first thought was permissions but the permissions are identical between the Seasons for both the folder and the specific video files within those episodes. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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