File maximum size not recognised by all files

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I don’t understand why two different files are seeing the maximum size set differently. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue?

Your last screenshots didn’t make it, but I’m guessing one is a series premiere or finale, and the other isn’t?
Season premieres/finales are allowed to be double in size, since some series have a longer/double episode as first or last one in the season.

If it’s different shows, take a look at the runtime of those shows, and then check the allowed limits for the quality of the files.
If I recall in v2, you can hover over the little labels that give the file sizes and it will give a little more info. I think the smallest size is for 30 minute episodes, the biggest for 60 minutes.

Calculate as required (e.g. if the show says 45 minutes, it’ll land somewhere in between), and if necessary double the size set for that quality in case it’s a season premiere/finale.
It should match…

yes the finale episode was 1 hour. This make sense now, thank you

Are you able to tell me why when I click on restart, it stops running and it won’t run again until I restart the nas?