Feature to prioritize by keywords / tags


Right now I have to manually download some shows a day later because the NZB is only 2 ch audio. Usually a few hours later the AMZN NZB’s are available that include better audio. If we had some sort of hierarchy of what to download like we do now for 720, 1080 … Let us order them, the 2 ch audio rips for example are tagged with TBS. I will take the TBS but if the AMZN comes along a few hours later I would like to replace the TBS NZB with the AMZN.

A profile for tags. Let us enter the tags and order them


There is a github item for preferred words :slight_smile:


I would really like to see this happen. Main issue is some NZB’s posters don’t include 6 ch audio, I will download their NZB but if another poster comes along with a 6 ch/DTS NZB I would prefer that one. This enhancement would solve that issue.


why download the -TBS release at all ?
if you want the Amazon releases.
if you know that the serie will be released as amzn.web-dl why not only download the amzn-web-dl release ?
I got -TBS on my ignore list because of there bad re-encodes and there 2.0 AAC audio.

But i agree a preferred tags would be nice,
Radarr already has it.


Because I don’t know for sure if the AMZN releases are available for every TV show. It’s not like we can exclude TBS for one or two shows, the filter is all or nothing for every show. I don’t mind taking the TBS to guarantee I got something and then when the AMZN release comes take a better one.


Yes we can
use TAGS
I made a mini tutorial but you can use the examples to get the same result.

After the first episode you know if there’re amzn releases of that show.
Then add “-tbs” as “Must not contain”


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