Feature Request: Release Restrictions for Qualities


Basically an ability to set restrictions (i.e. keywords that it must not have and/or keywords that it must have) to qualities.

For example, some groups do not name their releases correctly (e.g. TBS tagging their Webrips as .WEB.).

Thare are other P2P offenders of this and would be nice to go in and block off a bunch of these groups for WEB-DL qualities.

With this feature, I can get away with not having to resort to New quality feature that Radarr has added/is adding.


Sonarr version (exact version):
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OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Description of issue:


No plans for such a feature, nor for “custom qualities” as Radarr has called it.


@desimaniac You can actually use regex in Restrictions in perl style: /\bWEB\b.*-TBS\b/i would filter out any of those releases. See regex101 example. Please note that under the hood it’s .Net regex flavour NOT perl, it simply uses the perl style delimiters / … /i, but for basic regex stuff it’s the same.


That is a nice trick that will come in handy. Thanks!


Any possibility of the recently added “preferred words” feature to allow for upgrades from existing “non preferred word” releases to the “preferred word” releases, the way that “propers” do?



That’s precisely how it works.


Ok that’s awesome because Radarr does NOT work that way. It will look for preferred releases, and if none are available, it will just pick any available one that meets the quality / restrictions criteria, and that’s it; no upgrades in the future even if a preferred release does come out.


Yeah, their Preferred Tags in Radarr doesn’t do much, you’d need to use the complex Custom Formats to achieve that.


Exactly. Which is why I started this thread out asking for that, thinking that was going to be the only way to get the results i wanted. :stuck_out_tongue:


Been silently following this thread and I must say wow. This does not get the credit it deserves. This is awesome on another level!

Here, have a cat meme!


Holy shit, did I understand that right
If I set a preferred word for, say, X265 and 7.1 it’ll eventually upgrade to that quality even once it’s been downloaded like propers do? Wow.


Yes, you understood it exactly as it’ll work.


A-maaayyyyy-zzzzing Thank you!


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