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Is it possible, to mark a download as failed automatically, after it was downloaded and imported?

it happens few times a week.
Torrent is posted, RSS sync or IRC announce picks it up in 0-10 minutes. It’s downloaded in 1-2 minutes, and imported under 1 minute.
So it gets into my library very fast, and the torrent client keeps seeding for X amount of time.
Sometimes the torrents are deleted from the (private) trackers 1-2hours later, when there is a better version, which isn’t nuked. I don’t mean there is a new internal or something. I mean when the first version has glitches, etc. If a proper is not in the name of the next release, sonarr won’t pick it up.

Would it be possible for sonarr to check the status of finished downloads, and if the torrent is removed from the tracker, and the tracker status changes to ‘unregistered torrent’ (or something similiar), than it should mark the download as failed.

Am I the only one with this issue?

ps: please don’t mention delay profiles



That’s something that should be in the name in that case.

Even if the torrent was marked as failed it wouldn’t Sonarr to grab the same quality release as there would already be an imported file.

This is something you’d need to handle on your end as it’s a special case with the indexer.


i’m sorry, but that’s just not true

I mainly use BTN and HDB, biggest sites around, and there are plenty of reuploads.
this is not 2005, it’s not scene only anymore. if a relese us subpar, it’s just gets deleted, and the next one doesn’t named proper. it could even be uploaded around the same time, so it’s never gonna be named that.
web-dl’s are the worst. so many groups. just want to win the race, and release subpar episodes. I can’t be the only one with this problem.

if it’s marked failed, than why can’t sonarr just look for another release? just make it think that the current one can be overwritten. sonarr already monitors the client.


With p2p groups there won’t be any consistency, at which case you may be better off blocking release groups.

In the future maybe this will help:

There are no plans to grab another release if a failed download occurs after an import,


preferred words don’t mean anything, if i get everything 0day
looking forward to v3, and later custom stuff down the line

thanks for all your work tho


Why not?

Specifically preferred words would allow upgrading within the quality (similar to how propers upgrade within the same quality). should cover that scenario.


i saw that post a long time ago, but it is now implemented yet in v3, right? so ‘down the line stuff’

im most def looking forward to it.
point rating for prefered words, which would trigger an upgrade -->DREAM.
i’m not holding my breath, but knowing this is considered for later is still great



It’s not in v3, it won’t be added until after it’s release, so definitely future work.


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