Episodes rejected (Unknown Series) - WWE Shows


Describe the bug
Sonarr doesn’t download episodes.

When doing manual search the episodes are correctly listed but Sonarr somehow says it’s an unknown series.

TV show matches the TVDB title. When manually using the search pattern on the trackers the results given are accurate.

We should have an option to manually customize the search pattern for a TV Show. And also another to force the download even when the Unknown Series thing hits.



18-12-5 14:13:18.4|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 4 indexers for [WWE Monday Night Raw : 2018-12-03]
18-12-5 14:13:24.0|Info|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing 31 releases

System Information

  • Sonarr Version:
  • Operating System: Ubuntu Cosmic
  • mono 5.16

Github Issue: https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/issues/2841

EDIT: I also added a Scene Mapping Request using the form.