Episodes not found on usenet indexer

Windows 10
Sonarr finding torrents of show but not finding on usenet indexer.

I am trying to download new episodes of house hunters for my wife, but even though i can search for the episodes on NZBGeek, sonarr is not finding them automatically. I am sure it has something to do with the fact it is on season 155 or something. Other shows seem to work normally.



Going to need to see debug logs, but if the season numbers differ between the releases on NZBGeek and what Sonarr has them as a mapping would need to exist on thexem.de.



I requested the show be added on xem and was told it couldn’t be added because the way thetvdb has the show organized.



That numbering on TheTVDB is chaos… since it’s not something thexem is going to add and the numbering for most releases doesn’t match then Sonarr won’t be able to find the releases. It looks like the WEB-DL releases might work, but everything else isn’t.

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