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I have just started using SONARR and am loving it as it has made my TV Series Collection more ordered.

A feature I would love to see added into SONARR is to be able to Upgrade Until based on the quality rather than the specific Quality Title e.g. Only upgrade episodes which not equal to a the highest DPI set in the Upgrade Until option.

I have found that having the Upgrade Until set based on the Quality Title it will replace not only 720p episodes with 480p episodes but it will also replace SDTV and other 480p Quality Title episodes as well.

Thanks for reading and hope this makes sense, let me know if further information is needed or if you would like screenshots to assist with my explanation. Also apologies if this has already been requested as a feature, I searched through the forums but couldn’t locate this exact feature request.


Not exactly clear to me, but it feels like what you’re describing is exactly how it is setup to function already. Used correctly, Quality Profiles should not be downgrading releases to a lower resolution.

For the list of Qualities in a Quality Profile, drag them around until they are in your order of preference (top down).
Then set Upgrade Until to be the best quality that you care about having from that list.
Then apply that profile to the series.
It should then only upgrade releases until you hit your Upgrade Until cutoff.

Hi Fanboy,

Thanks for the response, I had set this up but the issue I was having was it would attempt to get a Web 480 even though an SDTV version (should both equal 480p so I am happy with either) in my collection. I think I figured out a fix using the Edit Groups button on my Quality Profile. I have grouped all 480p qualities into the one group and set this new group to be my Upgrade Until.

I believe that this should work how I want it to - if a file isn’t one of the 480p file types it will check for one and replace the 720p if one is found but if the file is one of the 480p ones already it will ignore checking.



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that will eventually downgrade all your 720p files to 480p, but if thats what you want to happen then its setup correctly, for you.

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