Episode Rejected Because of Size

I’m searching for a show called

How Did They Build That? (2021)


Sonarr rejects it because of:

  • 1.7 GB is larger than maximum allowed 0 B (for 0min)

I’ve seen other posts here that explain that this is because thetvdb doesn’t have a running time for the show.

But thtvdb has:

STATUS Continuing
NETWORKS Smithsonian Channel
RUNTIMES 45 minutes (3 episodes)

Sonarr version (exact version):

Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Debian Buster

If the runtime was added recently: it can take 24 hours to trickle through all caches and reach your sonarr install…

By cache, do you mean a local cache that sonarr manages or a thetvdb API cache?

I just added the show minutes before the failure so it shouldn’t have a cache that is older than a few minutes.

I don’t think the running time was added exactly in that time span.

Also, in previous related threads, I saw that the devs are against having sonarr treat a missing runtime (or runtime of 0) as a special case and use a reasonable default.

The argument was that this is a rare case. I’ve only been using sonarr for a couple of weeks and I’ve already seen this twice. It seems pretty common for new shows .

For an app that is designed for automation, it’s odd that it fails like this when there’s a pretty simple workaround.

Both thetvdb (presumably cloudflare) and skyhook have caches. Your sonarr install doesn’t have a cache.

yes this is a long time “issue”. For new shows most of the time. I just go and download manually from sonarr. Or you wait around a day or two maybe for automatic.
Whenever there is a new show i always check that.