Episode naming for multi

when getting episodes in multi language I can rename them with {MediaInfo AudioLanguages} to look like “[EN+DE]”.
is it possible to have it rename like “MULTI - [EN+DE]” of course only when more then one language available.

No; not possible

it would be nice in the future for people using “MULTI” as a tag or a preferred term with score.
thanks anyway, I’ll try running a script every night to change that.

You can include preferred words in renaming / add them to your renaming

could you give more information?
I’m not findng anything you are talking about :-/

Fixed the typo

You can’t see a checkbox that says include in naming in the UI?

You can’t see in naming that you can add preferred words to your file naming?

You can’t access and see the wiki that has the release profile section?

I don’t see how you cannot find anything when it’s clear as day in the UI and in the docs?



Found it :slight_smile:
now I understand where you wanted me to go :wink:
I’ll try, thanks a lot

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