Episode has a TBA title and recently aired


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OS: Windows 10 pro
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Downloaded a file with torrent. I cannot import the file downloaded due to this error :
Episode has a TBA title and recently aired

Is there any reason why it shouldn’t be possible? Is there a twerk to be done in configuration ?

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Sonarr won’t import it automatically if the episode title is in the renaming format, the episode title is unknown and the episode aired within the last 24 hours.

If the series refreshes and a title is found before 24 hours it’ll import, otherwise it’ll import after 24 hours.

You can force an import with manual import at any time though.


Okay tank you for the answer.


Is there a way to bypass this policy?
With the limit of only supporting English TVDB IDs, the English version of my French TV shows are all TBA so I fall under this policy almost for every episode…

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