Episode being unmonitored before profile quality cutoff

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Description of issue: I just noticed this now wherein the releases the releases that Sonarr downloads are being unmonitored even though the profile cutoff set for that specific series is not yet met. This is not consistent though. Some have a monitored status and some have an unmonitored status.

For what it’s worth, completed download handling is disabled on my setup because SAB has a post processing script set to notify Sonarr that a download is already completed and to import it to its database. I don’t think this is the cause of the issue though.

What do you need from me to solve this issue? Is debug logging necessary to catch what’s happening here?

Sonarr does not unmonitor episodes when the cutoff is met (or before) unless Ignore Deleted Episodes is enabled and the file is deleted (and Sonarr detects it). Is that setting enabled and have you deleted files hoping Sonarr will still upgrade them?

I just recreated the issue with trace logging enabled. I monitored all seasons/episodes of Gotham and downloaded all “cutoff unmet” episodes. The cutoff for the profile that I’m using is Bluray 1080p and here’s a picture of what happened (you see how episodes 12 to 20 were toggled to being unmonitored after being upgraded to bluray 1080p?):

Here are all the logs:

What does the episode history look like for those episodes (or one of those episodes)?

It looks like you post processing script is the culprit, when it converts the file to an mp4 (from an mkv) the file is deleted and Sonarr sees it deleted during the next rescan and unmonitors it.

Here’s the episode history on one of the episodes:

And you’re right, that totally makes sense. Although it’s not happening 100% consistently. Do you have any suggestions on how to go about this? I need the ignore deleted episodes feature enabled because I want the episodes to go unmonitored when I intentionally delete the files after being watched.

Converting the files via a script in your download client so Sonarr imports the mp4 instead of mkv is the only way that comes to mind right now.

Yeah, that’s what I just did. I’ll see how it behaves. Thanks!

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