Episode auto search double ups


Sonarr version (exact version):
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OS: docker linuxserver/sonarr:preview
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logs: https://pastebin.com/k9tXX4bQ

i just manually clicked on the quick search icon for 8 episodes to upgrade them and i’ve ended up with two downloads for them, one torrent, and one usenet that is on a delay (the other three are on the next page)

i dont have a usenet delay set but i do have a minimum age of 5 minutes set - and the indexer im using has a nasty habit of returning a negative age - so im wondering if its decided to wait for these? but its also sent the torrent through as well

in the case of s02e02 a manual search shows it having an age of -45 minutes but there are plenty of other higher priority options it could have chosen before it had to resort to selecting the nzb

the logs only show the torrents being sent to transmission, nothing sent to usenet (sabnzbd). its only normal level as i dont run it with debug on.

there is an error in there about one of the torrent indexers being down but im not sure that matters as the others were up.

its using a jackett search all indexers link, not sure if that could make a difference - http://jackett:9117/api/v2.0/indexers/all/results/torznab/


That’s just there in the case the one that was added fails, though I don’t think the intention is for that to be visible, correct @Taloth?

Delay doesn’t apply to searching, but yes, a negative age would cause it to delay for 5 minutes + however long it’s off by.


If it’s a fallback one then it should not be visible, the queue logic filters that out so it’s not that.
Looks more like a temporary rejection. Preferring usenet, but not being able to grab it for some reason.

But hover over the icons to find out what exactly it is. Debug logs, if you have it, would also specify the actual reason and what exactly happened.
If you have logs, please do check coz it’s a visually confusing situation that we’d like to avoid.
Also, check System->Events if you haven’t already.

But rest assured. It’s not going to download them. Pending items aren’t really queued, they’re just listed there ‘for later consideration’. On the next RssSync they’re combined with the rss results and re-evaluated.

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