Dutch or German Series not found


Hello, Sonarr does not find any German or Dutch series, what’s the reason and what can i do about it?

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Did you check your indexers if they got dutch or german series ?


i looked for Hollands hoop. NZBgeek has this tv show

Sorry. We couldn’t find any series matching ‘hollands hoop’


I’ve done a test and it found it on a tracker.
I used manual search for it because I didn’t know which quality was available.


Where can i search manual?


When going to the serie page,
You see at the end of the episode title a magnifying glass (automatic search) and a man (for manual)
Press manual and it found the episode with a exclamation point where you can see why it got ignored.
I’m on my phone now so I can’t provide a screenshot.


That i know, but when Sonarr can’t find the tv show, in can’t come that far.
Sorry for my bad English


Do you got a screenshot of your settings for that show ?
I just added the show to Sonarr as Hollands Hope.
But I must say with the manual search it didn’t find anything on nzbgeek.
Perhaps it’s placed in another category that you didn’t set in the indexer setting(5020 or even 5000)


Sorry, i can’t make a screenshot at the moment, my Synology is restarting at the moment, takes a lot of time. I think there ar problems by the provider in the network. this is from nzbgeek.


Found those also on geek,
Some of them are unusable because the lack of info in the title/filename.
If you find the time I need a screenshot of the indexer setting(don’t forget to remove your indexer API key) if you got the right category set or if you could check if you got 5020 added and you could try to add 5000.
And then a screenshot of your added show with the settings.
So I can compare with my settings.


So i have to add 5020 and 5000?


5020 is for foreign language,
5000 all tv shows.


Okay, i will try this and let you now if it works, thanks for your help.


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